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"Orange Wave Group helps organizations take a Whole Brain Approach to changing the way you think about and speak to potential clients to grow your business. We are also helping organizations with Millennial Integration to retain, motivate, and recruit the most technologically advanced workforce in modern history..."

What we do
Whole Brain Thinking

Taking a Whole Brain Approach to training we help organizations realize their true potential in profits, revenue, client retention and account growth. Using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument we help individuals uncover a new and unique way to get to the yes when working with prospects, current clients and internal departments.

Millennial Integration

Orange Wave helps organizations recruit, retain and manage the most technically savvy, generation there has ever been and gives guidance on how to integrate them into your workforce to be productive and constructive employees and leaders to take your organization to the next level.

Digital Influence

What is Digital Influence or Digi-Fluence as we say here at Orange Wave? The amount of Influence and leverage you have with your Digital Presence. It used to be you needed to have a website to be a credible organization, now you need to have a digital presence.




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Our Team
Les Adkins

CEO & Co-Founder

Jen Wilson

Senior Business Operations Manager & Facilitator

Nick Chehreh

COO & Co-Founder


Whole Brain Thinking

Fire Walking


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"Catch the Orange Wave and change the way you lead, think, and work.."

Orange Wave delivers a unique training and coaching experience that is unlike any your organization has been through. With the help of our partners, Herrmann International, Total Inter Action, and Dr. Robert Cialdini, we are able to customize an experience that will transform your people to become exceptional at what they do.