Taking a Whole Brain Approach to training we help organizations realize their true potential in profits, revenue, client retention and account growth. Using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument we help individuals uncover a new and unique way to get to the yes when working with prospects, current clients and internal departments. Moving organizations from a vendor status to a consultant status allows our clients to connect with others in a more powerful and sustainable fashion.

Using a methodology that allows clients to cut their planning time by 50%; create powerful, focused presentations that are on the mark; win outstanding opportunities; close more deals; create a better customer service environment; and to speak to others from their Thinking Preference gives our clients the tools they need to exceed expectations in every aspect of their organization.

From sales to customer support to Executive Coaching Orange Wave delivers a unique training and coaching experience that is unlike any your organization has been through. With the help of our partners, Herrmann International and the groundbreaking work of Dr. Robert Cialdini, we are able to customize an experience that will grow your people to become exceptional at what they do.