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Whole Brain® Thinking

Orange Wave Group empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to create better outcomes by using Whole Brain® Thinking.


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Millennial Integration

The multi-generational workforce is here to stay.  Millennials are now the the largest demographic in the world.

Orange Wave helps organizations recruit, retain and manage the most technically savvy, generation there has ever been.

We give you guidance on how to integrate millennials into your workforce to be productive employees and leaders that will take your organization to the next level.


Whole Brain® Thinking

Taking a Whole Brain Approach to training, we help organizations realize better outcomes in employee engagement, profits, revenue, client retention, and account growth.

Using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument we help individuals uncover a new and unique way to get to the yes when working with internal and external stakeholders.



We offer consulting engagements tailored to to your oraganization.

  Our areas of specialization

  • Executive Teams
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mergers & Acquistions
  • Leadership
  • Product & Service Launches

Meet the Team

Les Adkins

Certified HBDI Practioner

Nick Chehreh

President & Co-Founder Certified HBDI Practioner

Leah Bridges

Training & Logistics Coordinator

Raj Grewal

Certified HBDI Practioner

Marilyn Westmas

Organizational Development Specialist | Co-Facilitator

Bill Kocs

Web Designer


Elite Consulting


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Elite Consulting

This program develops the core thinking, planning, communicating, and influencing skills required to shift from a transactional approach to a consultative, value-driven one when working with customers.

Its success is in its approach. Participants are made aware of their current thinking, its associated behaviors and, through this awareness, buyinto why they should step outside of their comfort zones.

They learn how to improve their thinking, planning, communicating and influence skills through powerful exercises, roleplays and presentations.


The program builds on the skills learned in the Elite Consulting workshop.  Participants will use their knowledge of Whole Brain thinking and the Cialdini Principles to the ethically influence outcomes.

They will learn how to improve their questioning and influence skills through interactive exercises, business simulations and presentations.

Why Work with Us

Our Customers Tell Us We Are Unique.

While we think we are pretty special, what makes us unique is the way in which we approach learning.  Our courses are very interactive and designed to move participants out of their comfort zone and into a new way of thinking. 


Our Customers Tell Us We Go Against the Herd.

Not true.  We don’t go against the herd… we just go in the opposite direction and blaze our own trails.  

Our Customers Tell Us We Are Superheroes.

Okay we may not be Superheroes, but we are super passionate about our customer’s success and empowering them to achieve better outcomes in their lives and their business.

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